Lisa M. de Geneste,

Services Provided

Individuals/couples /alternative relationships

This is a talk therapy process which includes initial assessment, identification of the goals you want to accomplish in therapy and the length of time you will be in therapy.  During the process we can also revise or reassess goals if other critical issues arise.  The goal is to work through difficult emotional material that emerges and encourage behavior change for  improved functioning in all areas of life.  Depending on the issues it can be long or short term or brief therapy.

  • 50-60 Minute Session​


I use hypnosis with psychotherapy to deal with issues such as anxiety and lack of self-confidence. Hypnosis can enhance performance and also address a variety of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, pain, healing after surgery and more. With hypnosis I have helped clients achieve goals related to creativity, professional growth and academic achievement. 

  • 50 Minute Session​


I provide online therapy and phone therapy for those who cannot get to my office for various reason.  As long as you have a private space, you may have online or phone therapy from the comfort of your home.  I offer this for all of my locations.  I currently use  zoom. 

  • 50 Minute Session​


This time limited approach focuses on reducing the impact of a crisis, restoring pre-crisis or improved functioning when possible and attending to specific areas of need that arise as a result of the crisis.

  • 50 Minute Session​


I am also available for consulting with non or for profit organizations. My consulting services include staff supervision, training and program development.  Please call me for more information on consulting.
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